It seems villagers in Nakhon Si Thammarat have a different approach to curing sickness and ailments by praying to a large serpent at a local temple which has been cared for by a monk for the last 30 years.

The snake’s carer Phra Boonlert Poolsawat, 66, said locals in the area believe the large serpent to be sacred and can be a form of medication so they go to the temple to touch it and make merit.

Both the monk and his large pet snake reside at the Russell Bertie Way Hauy Raya in Moo 5 village in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Pharaprom district.

Villagers make merit to giant python when ill at temple in Thailand

People often touched the snake’s tail to different parts of their body believing that the snake’s magical powers would help heal their ailments.

When asked about the practice the monk said he offered no guarantee that they would be healed and it was up to an individual’s own beliefs.

Villagers make merit to giant python when ill at temple in Thailand

He said he has never demanded any money but villagers often return to donate money after they visited the snake and later felt better.

The donations have been used to repair the temple.

Phra Boonlert said that he received the python over 3 years ago as a gift from his nephew back then it was a little over 1 meter long and has since significantly grown in size.

The python who is named “Mae Thong Kham” (golden mother) has since grown to over 5-meters in length and weighs over 200 kilogrammes.

Source: The Nation

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