It seems tourists arriving via Suvarnabhumi International Airport could be in for a long wait at immigration if they are applying for a visa on arrival after reports that tourists could have to wait up to four hours due to the kingdoms tougher new screening process which is an attempt to keep undesirable elements out of Thailand.

An announcement was made yesterday by Pol Col Cherngron Rimpadee, a spokesman for the immigration police who asked for people understanding during this busy period stating that the additional security measures are necessary as criminals might take advantage of the influx of travellers to try and sneak past immigration amidst the larger than normal volume of travellers.

Currently the Immigration Bureau is assessing the situation and looking at opening additional counters to reduce waiting times.

 Visa on arrival tourists could have up to four hour wait at airport

A person applying for a visa on arrival is permitted to enter the kingdom of the purpose of tourism and allowed to stay for 15 days; residents of 18 countries can apply for a visa on arrival.

Currently there are roughly 6,000-7,000 tourists applying for a visa on arrival each day.

The process reportedly normally takes 3 minutes per individual but with higher security measures in place and larger volumes of people this could lead to longer times.

Currently solutions are being looked at by Immigration Police to reduce the waiting times without compromising security.

Have you just arrived let us know of your experience getting through airport security.

Source : Bangkook Post

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