Visa credit cards can now be used at all 7-Eleven stores in Thailand

Thailand is rather fond of conducting business in cash still it must be said well it seems 7-Eleven have taken steps to try and make card payments more widely used by announcing that all of their conveniences stores across the kingdom now accept Visa credit-card payments.

The announcement was coupled with the news that the Bank of Thailand plans to allow commercial banks to set up banking agents in stores to provide financial services in an effort to improve people’s access to services by being closer than their main branch.

Many experts have speculated that 7-Eleven has the potential to carry out a multitude of financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals and smaller third party transfers.

Visa credit cards can now be used at all 7-Eleven stores in Thailand

Speaking on the announcement about the use of credit cards the manager of Visa Thailand, Suripong Tantiyanon said yesterday that the partnership between Visa, Thai Smart Card and 7-Eleven is an important step in the digital transformation of commerce in the kingdom.

Payments made via Visa were trialled in select at selected stores across Thailand where there was high numbers of tourists and due to their success have since been rolled out nationwide.

Source: The Nation

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