Visa rule forcing mother to return to Thailand separating family

A six-year-old little girl from the UK is facing Christmas without her mother after a visa rule means her mum is being forced to return to Thailand.

Both Andrew I’anson and his daughter say they are heartbroken by the rule that is splitting up their family.

The rule originally came into force back in 2012 states that a foreign spouse of a British national can only stay in the UK if their partner earns over £18,600 (808,000 baht) per year.

Mr I’anson said “I have paid my tax and put money into the country and I get treated like a third class citizen.”

He said that since his wife has had to return to Thailand he has had to give up his job as a warehouseman to take care of his daughter, something his wife would normally have done allowing him to work.

Mr I’anson said he has since written to his local MP in Sevenoaks asking him to fight their case.

Source: T้hai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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