New plans which are aimed at attracting investors and foreign businesses to Thailand are being investigated by the Ministry for the Digital Economy.

Ideas such as special visas for those who wish to set up companies in the Kingdom could be issued. The visas could stretch not just to the investors, directors and managers but also to staff coming to work in Thailand.

It appears that the authorities may finally be making it easier for foreigners to come and work in Thailand, which could see an influx of experienced people heading here to ply their trade.

At present, it is very difficult for foreigners to obtain work and business permits in Thailand but maybe that could be about to change and hopefully for the better.

The basic theory is to simplify the process of starting up a business by offering special visas to those who can offer expertise, which of course could be transferred to Thai people.

Special Visas To Encourage Overseas Companies To Come To Thailand Could On The Way

However it is unlikely that someone wishing to open a bar would qualify. The ventures would have to fill a void in the market or offer something that would better Thailand and its economy but it’s a step in the right direction.

Many of the obstacles that stand in the way or progress, especially for foreign business ventures, would be removed for owners and staff.

The offer would apply not only to companies setting up in Bangkok but would encourage new ventures across the nation.

The results of the initial investigations are due in September. Let us hope that they deliver packages that will attract foreign investment, large and small, and permit overseas workers to come to Thailand.

Source : Thaivisa

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