Wanted Man - Red Bulls successor Vorayuth In Singapore

Thai authorities believe that Vorayuth traveled to Singapore just days before an arrest warrant was issued after failing to show up at court for his charges against him.

In 2012 he killed a policeman from reckless driving and has since managed to delay his court case with excuses, such as him being not well or being away for business.

Three of his four charges are set to expire in September, leaving his reckless driving charge which expires in 2027.

Thai authorities have been under criticism as of late because of there relaxed approach in enforcing the law against superior people with money.

Singapore aviation authorities confirmed that Vorayuths private plane arrived at the airport on Tuesday.

Thai police want to terminate his passport so he cannot travel anywhere else. They could not arrest Red Bulls successor at the airport on Tuesday because the warrant was issued on Friday.

There is no agreement between Singapore or Thailand in handing over wanted people, but they have worked together before in similar cases.


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