Warning Of Pick Pockets At Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok’s international airport has warned the public to take additional care when checking in for flights out of Thailand.

Sneak thieves have been praying on passengers, as their focus in mainly on the check in procedure and passports, resulting in wallets and other personal items being stolen.

Suvarnabhumi Airport’s security officer Kittipong Kittikhajorn said two Algerian men were arrested whilst preying on passengers checking in for flights.

Mok Thadi Bikkait, 59, and Natje Fasli, 50, were nabbed when a passenger complained of losing money and credit cards. CCTV provided the required evidence to arrest the two Algerian nationals.

The pair used a variety of distraction techniques so they could steal wallets etc.

Source : PattayaOne

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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