Cowardly animal killers have posted images of their “kills” on Facebook, much to the horror of many people, including officials from The National Park Organisation, who are searching for those responsible.

The images were displayed on a private Facebook page that has 13,000 members.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they have also been trading protected and endangered species!

These disgraceful acts were displayed on an infamous social media group that we refuse to give credence to by naming them. The admin for the page has apparently received numerous threats since the images became known to the general public.

Images of dead creatures such as a crab eating macaque also known as a long-tailed macaque monkey, A Malayan porcupine, a leopard cat, which is a small wild cat native to south, south east and east Asia. Other images portraying a great barbet, gibbon, eagles and flying squirrels were also viewed.

Whilst some of the animals killed are not on the endangered list and not classed as illegal killings, hunters require a licence by law in Thailand. Hunting is only permitted in certain areas and at no time can they hunt and kill protected species.

Investigations are underway to determine if the killings were illegal in accordance with the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act. If found guilty, the culprits could face a prison sentence of up to four years and a 40,000 baht fine.

Tell us what you think of the barbaric killings.

Are the penalties sufficient of should the fines and prison terms be higher?


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