wife suing husbands mistress

A woman was left injured and humiliated after an altercation at a Petrol station in Trang’s Muang district

involving a car driven by her spouse and his mistress as the passenger.

The woman who says she is her husband first and legal wife is attempting to sue the mistress for

humiliating her but will not be taking any action against her husband.

The whole thing was recorded on CCTV. The wife latched onto the side of the car as her husband

attempted to flee and dragged his wife 100 meters before she fell under the front wheel of the car.

The caring husband didn’t stop to see if she was ok leaving her unconscious in the road in Tambon Thab Thiang.

He must have been in shock when running into his wife as he was reported to have been filling his car

with fuel and attempted to flee with the pump still attached and forgetting to pay his 300 baht bill.

Deputy police inspector Captain Rattakarn Phromrat is going to interview all those involved for possible legal action.


Source : Nationmutinedia

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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