It seems winter is officially here following last week’s announcement.

Officials reported that temperatures fell below 10 degrees atop Thailand’s tallest mountain this morning when an official reading recorded the temperature at 9 degrees.

Doi Inthanon National Park Chief Rung Hiranwong noted that the low temperature set a new record for this time of year and was recorded at 6am this morning.

He said that temperatures at the Kiew Mae Pan viewpoint which is 2,565 meters from the mountain summit was two degrees warmer at the same point in time.

The Chief said that rainfall resulted in a veil of fog which pleased tourists who were higher up allowing them to watch a sunrise above a sea of mist.

He said that the parks other famous yearly attraction, frozen morning dew is expected to occur next month.

The park will officially celebrate the start of high season on Wednesday.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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