Witch Doctor

A witch doctor has come under fire – literally – as villages hired a hit to shoot him 15 times in the butt for cursing villagers making them constipated.

Villagers from a remote community in the Omkoi district of Chiang Mai, contacted the alleged magic man, to cure bowel problems within the village’s people.

But when Sangmanee Jaratfah, 61, asked for 100,000 baht for curing their ailment, the locals became suspicious, prompting them to believe that Jaratfah was actually the cause of the curse.

Athipan Ratcharoem, 40, his wife Tang-yu Ratcharoem, 39, and niece Somporn Ratcharoem, 26 all suffered with constipation and decided black magic was the way to cure their affliction.

When the witch doctor demanded such a high payment for the cure, they turned on him, and an argument ensued. As a result, the family blamed the shaman for a curse that was placed on an elder of the family over a decade ago, who had identical bowel issues. He died three days after visiting the medicine man.

But the story doesn’t end there, for the body of Sangmanee Jaratfah was discovered with 15 gunshot wounds in his backside. The family believed it would lift the constipation curse.

Under interrogation, the family confessed to paying three million baht for a hit man to shoot the man of magic.

The family have been detained whilst investigations continue.

They could have saved themselves a lot of money and possible prison time had they spent 50 baht in the pharmacy.



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