A video depicting a woman having a fit of anger at a filling station when she couldn’t open the petrol cap on his motorcycle has gone viral on the Internet.

The incident in Bangkok, shows the furious woman arguing with the petrol attendant before calling the POLICE to investigate.

The woman arrived at the filling station on a new model of the Honda Airblade, which neither she, nor the attendant knew how to unlock and remove the filler cap. She demands to know why the they won’t fill the bike up.

As a result of the video being posted online, the woman feels she has been humiliated as netizens criticised her over her attitude and is now seeking vengeance.

It is believed that the staff from the filling station had to attend the police station, where they apologised to the lady but this was not enough. She later returned to the petrol station, threatening the person responsible for posting the video on the net.

She states that her character has been damaged and she has lost face after the clip was posted online.

During her call to the police she apparently gives the impression she is connected to the police but in fact she works in a car showroom.

Threats to sue under the “computer crime act” also ensued.

The question has to be asked however. Why would anyone involve the police over such a trivial matter. Surely speaking calmly with the attendant and finding a way to resolve the problem with the cap, would have saved her a lot of embarrassment and trouble, not to mention the wasting of police time.

How safe is it using a mobile phone in a filling station?

Has she overreacted or was she correct in her actions? Tell us.


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