Woman Demands One Million Baht Compensation For Dog Bite

A woman who was waiting to be X-rayed at a state hospital, is demanding one million baht compensation after she was bitten by a stray dog.

Ampasri Mooncharee, 54, was treated by Selaphum Hospital in Roi Et for a bite, which caused bleeding and bruising. She was also given the statutory anti-rabies injection.

Woman Demands One Million Baht Compensation For Dog Bite

However, the hospital have refused to pay the million baht in compensation.

Dr Ittipon Soongkhaeng, the hospital’s director, offered Ampasri, 20,000 baht from his own pocket, which she has declined.

A committee meeting will be held to discuss the matter further but the director says her demands for one million baht is out of the question.

It is unclear whether the dog bit the victim in the grounds of the hospital or inside the premises.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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