A woman from the province of Phrae in the north of Thailand has died after consuming skin whitening products, that she purchased online.

The 35-year-old woman who wanted white skin and larger breasts, had been taking the products she had purchased from web sites.

Woman Dies After Consuming Skin Whitening Pills

She developed kidney problems as a result and died in her bathroom.

Sadly, it was her 35th birthday party on Friday and when she failed to show up, relatives became concerned. They found her on the floor in her bathroom.

Woman Dies After Consuming Skin Whitening Pills
Woman Dies After Consuming Skin Whitening Pills

The woman, who was named a Wijitra Jantaphrom or Waew, began taking the pills a few months back and people said her complexing was changing. She was so convinced they were working she even took the time to recommend them to her friends via social media.

However, she was oblivious to the dangers of the so called “herbal” treatment and paid with her life. Firstly her face began to swell and as a result, she was taken to hospital, where she was diagnosed with kidney disease as a result of taking the capsules.

Woman Dies After Consuming Skin Whitening Pills

Friends and family attended her funeral on Sunday, taking her birthday cake to present to her albeit belatedly.

Pharmacists hoped that Waew’s death would serve as a warning to others. They hoped that the loss of her life would not be in vain and that others would think twice about consuming any products bought online claiming to whiten skin or enhance their bodies.

Source : Kapook

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