Woman Digs Up RPG

One of the last things you expect to find when clearing up your garden is a potential bomb but that is what happened to Kanchana Kaewsuwan, luckily when she unearthed the two rocket-propelled grenades they did not explode.

Kanchana was using a hoe to clear an area of land belonging to her to build a cattle pen when she discovered the explosives wrapped in a plastic sheet buried about a foot under the surface of the soil.

Woman Digs Up RPG

Border police were alerted and soldiers and the bomb squad arrived to dispose of the buried ordinance. Kanchana, 48, told the soldiers she was surprised to find the explosives and had no idea who could have buried them as very few people visit the area.

A team was sent by Chaiyo Kanobworakul an official for the Administration Organisation in Araanyaprathet to oversee the incident as his home was only 200 meters from the site where the buried weapons were found.

Woman Digs Up RPG

Chaiyo sent the team as a precaution as he is a political figure opposing the building of a hazardous waste treatment plant in the district and the team’s purpose was to ascertain if his position on the matter could be linked to the buried grenades.

The grenades were safely removed by the bomb squad and investigations continue.

Source : Thaivisa

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