Severely Injured

The holiday didn’t prove to be much happy for Abbie Sontag, from Harlow, and her boyfriend Pete Brudenell who had come to the country to rejoice. The couple had been exploring the country for a few days before they met a deadly accident on the highway; a head-on collision with a loaded truck.

The couple was travelling from Phuket to Khao Lak in a local taxi when they were hit. They were taken immediately to Phuket Hospital after both being heavily injured from the hit. Abbie have three broken ribs, ruptured spleen and bowel and now needs surgery on her back.

Abbie’s family had arrived in Thailand since she has been hospitalized. But the tragedy was not over yet. It has been realized that Abbie did not have any travel insurance and none of her treatments could be covered within the one she has. Now Abbie, stuck in Thailand, awaiting surgery, needs to pay £35,000 for treatments.

The required amount is beyond the families capabilities right now. A fund raising plea had been registered online, where more than £16,000 has been raised so far. Pete has already gone through his surgeries in spleen, bowel and intestines but Abbie still awaits her treatment. The family is still in need of money.

Source : Mirror

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