Women Conned in iPhone Scam in Chiang Mai

Two women have complained to police in Chiang Mai, saying there were conned into transferring money in exchange for cheap iPhones.

Waraporn Panyaprom, a university student and Nattaya Banrengsanoh, 26, said that Phakaphat Bulsathaporn, 36, had taken 900,000 baht from the pair in exchange for 40 iPhone 7s.

Women Conned in iPhone Scam in Chiang Mai

The seller claimed that a friend, who worked as a flight attendant, had brought the phones into the country and wanted to sell them quickly. She asked the ladies to find buyers for the Apple devices, which she was selling for just over 20,000 baht each.

Firstly Waraporn transferred 600,000 baht to buy 25 phones and then Nattaya handed over 300,000 baht for 16 devices.

In total, only two iPhones were delivered. The culprit refused to return the money and has since done a bunk.

The victims of the scam had collected the monies from their friends and family for the phones and are now in a sticky situation.

Remember folks – if a deal appears too good to be true – it probably is.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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