Yoot Woot: New Queen’s Birthday Next Month Declared A Holiday

All of next month would have passed without a single holiday had the interim cabinet not intervened yesterday to declare a new one.

June 3 – a Monday, by the merciful gods – will heretofore be celebrated as a holiday as it is the birthday of the newly ascended Queen Suthida.

Suthida was named queen days before His Majesty was coronated earlier this month. Queen Mother Sirikit’s birthday of Aug. 12 has long been celebrated as national Mother’s Day.

June hasn’t had a major holiday since the anniversary of the 1932 revolution that ended absolute monarchy was dropped as National Day. Several decades back, military coup-leader Sarit Thanarat changed it to the late King Bhumibol’s birthday of Dec. 5.

Dear cabinet: Please note that September and November are wholly desolate of days off.


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