‘You Might Have to Cut It Off’: Doctor Warns Thai Men Against Penile Injection

A Thai doctor has warned local men about the growing trend of penile self-injection (yes, it’s a thing), warning them that they could end up with a severe infection and even lose their members entirely.

So what kind of substances are men injecting into their manhood? You may regret asking.

“Injecting substances into your penis has been around for a long time — and many ended up with a rotten penis,” Dr. Kampanart Pornyoskrai posted last week on his Facebook page Sarikahappymen, which provides info about men’s sexual health and uses hilarious turns of phrase like “rotten penis.”

“Every time someone’s story makes the news, the substance that they use is different each time — from olive oil, paraffin, Muay Thai oil, and penicillin — but at the end of the day the penis will be rotten.”

“You might just have to cut it off,” he warned.

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Fair enough. Consider us warned. But why exactly is this suddenly a thing in Thailand now?

Dr. Kampanart’s widely shared post followed leaked photos of an 18-year-old man, who made global headlines last week for having two women fighting over him. The young man jilted his bride for another woman 17 years his senior. Photos showing his swollen, heavily-injected member prompted laughter and memes on Twitter that seemed to last the length of the holiday weekend.

‘You Might Have to Cut It Off’: Doctor Warns Thai Men Against Penile Injection

While we can’t show you the photos, let’s just say netizens have been sharing a photo of 7-Eleven sausage buns as an accurate comparison of the dude’s penis. Yup.

After that went viral, a concerning photo then popped up all over Facebook claiming to show two teen boys performing an injection on their friend’s penis.

‘You Might Have to Cut It Off’: Doctor Warns Thai Men Against Penile Injection

Dr. Kampanart added that he has been approached by Thai men on a near-daily basis asking him to treat their injected penises, some of which have become disfigured.

“There’s only one way to treat it. You have to remove part of the skin. So after the treatment, it will be shorter and smaller — even [smaller] than before the injection.

“Also, your social security doesn’t cover it,” he offered helpfully.

The doctor ended the post with a joke — suggesting that if penis injections were as good as advertised, he’d have proposed that the government make it mandatory.

“If it actually worked and was safe, I’d have pushed PM Prayuth Chan-ocha to invoke Section 44 for Thai men to get an injection.”

Guys, we’re not telling you what you can or cannot do with your lingam, but strongly suggest you follow doctor’s orders in this instance.

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