Just eight years old but plucky little

One young lad in Southern Thailand has captured the hearts of countless Thai citizens online after a story was posted about his efforts to earn money for his family were posted online.

Hardworking Jatuphat Chichanf (tong) is just eight years old and a student at Ban Ranod School but before school he gets up at 5am to sell vegetables grown by his grandmother to help support his family.

He sells bags of vegetables for 10 baht a bag which he takes to a local market using his tricycle and sometimes sells the fresh produce after school and on weekends as well.

Young lad just eight year's old the main breadwinner in the family

The kind-hearted young lad lives with his 54-year-old grandmother Wannee, and his bed ridden great grandfather whose 94 and great grandmother who is 87 and also not in good health.

Wannee said she is also not in the best of health but tries to grow as many vegetables as possible for young Tong to sell.

She said Tong’s parents abandoned the little lad with her when he was just eight months old and they had not been back since alleging that the boy’s father was in trouble with the police.

The brave young lad said:

“I’m not tired, I need to help gran and the old folks.”

Comments flooded in praising the young lad’s efforts to help support his family and his hardworking nature.

Source: Sanook News

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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