Now everyone has probably received an email or letter claiming that they have inherited a substantial sum of money and all they need to do is provide a few details to claim their new fortune well it seems sometimes not often but sometimes such letters can be genuine.

Erica Jasmine Baldwin Gibson who is of half Thai half American decent had no idea of the fortune her deceased American fathers family possessed until she received a surprise letter that her grandmother from California had died and left her $1 billion (32 billion baht) in bonds and stocks accumulated through the family’s oil business.

The story has been widely reported in the Thai media this week after Erica and her mother, Prakong, recounted their life story where they said when Erica’s father died of cancer they had roughly $100 (3,200 baht) in the bank and relied on food donations from the church.

Young Thai-American woman shocked at billion dollar inheritance

Prakong told how she met her late husband Kendrick Baldwin Gibson whilst working in a salon in Bangkok soon after they were engaged and she moved to America with him where they had Erica.

Since inheriting the substantial sum of money Erica is now trying to persuade her mother to close her restaurant in the US and take a break back in Thailand where they have opened a miner water business.

22-year-old Erica now plans to go to college.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand




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