Zimbabwe family who lived in Bangkok airport for three months have left Thailand

According to a statement released by Thailand’s Immigration Bureau deputy spokesman the Zimbabwean family who have spent the last three months living in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport left the kingdom yesterday.

The family of eight which included four children had been living at the airport since October 23, 2017 after being barred from boarding a flight bound for Spain for overstaying their visas here in Thailand and not possessing visas to enter Spain.

Officials attempted to deport the family back to Zimbabwe as is standard protocol for those that overstay their visa to be sent packing to their home nation, however the family refused to go stating that they feared for their lives if they were made to return.

 Zimbabwe family who lived in Bangkok airport for three months have left Thailand


For the last 92 days the family have lived in the airport gaining media attention when a member of airport staff was pictured gifting one of the children a Christmas present.

The family were waiting for aid from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in relocating them to another country as Thailand does not officially take in refugees.

Deputy spokesman Cherngron Rimpadee spoke to the media yesterday and said “It’s over, the family are now in the care of the United Nations.”

He said that the family left the kingdom at roughly 2pm yesterday.

In order to comply with United Nations regulations he did not state where the family have been relocated to.

Rumours have surfaced online with some suggesting that the family travelled to the Philippines, but these are unconfirmed reports at this time.

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