Becker Bankrupt

London bankruptcy court declares the three-time Wimbledon champion bankrupt.

The now 49-year-old TV commentator for the BBC was not present at the proceedings where it was deemed that there was not enough evidence that he was able to pay the large sum that her owes to a firm of private bankers.

Becker Bankrupt

The application for bankruptcy put forward by Arbuthnot Latham is in relation to a debt owed for nearly 2 years.

Mr Becker said he was “surprised and Disappointed” that they had chosen to pursue him, as the order is against a disputed loan he says he was due to pay in full in a month’s time.

A request by Mr Becker’s lawyer for a 28-day Adjournment for one final chance to settle the balance owed from re-mortgaging a property in Majorca was entered, however the court did not except the plea as the debt dated back to October 2015.

John Briggs an associate of Mr Becker said “He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances.”

The three-time champion will be amongst the BBC’s team of pundits for this year’s Wimbledon which begins on the 3rd of July.

Source : BBC

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