Thai football match-fixing uncovered, 12 people arrested

Yesterday the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) has requested warrants for the arrest of 12 individuals from the football business from the Criminal Court for alleged match-fixing in the Thai Premier League.

Those who are being accused include five players, two referees, four investors and one club executive.

The warrants have been requested by the president of FAT Pol Gen Somyot Poompunmuang.

A press conference was scheduled yesterday afternoon at Royal Thai Police headquarters to release the names of all those believed to have been involved in the alleged max-fixing who have been said to have damaged the reputation of the FAT.

Thai football match-fixing uncovered, 12 people arrested

Following the press conference all 12 men accused were arrested but have since been released on bail.

Investigations concluded that match-fixing took place in games played on July 26, 2017 and September 10, 17 and 23, 2017.

Officials became suspicious after an unusually high number of goals were scored during the later stages of each match.

Investigations into the allegations are still ongoing.

Thai football match-fixing uncovered, 12 people arrested

Source : Thenation

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