BANGKOK – Thailand’s 102-year-old Royal Turf Club of Thailand in Bangkok’s Nang Loeng area has an unknown future after horses ran their last race on its fabled track Sunday, then closed, due to the expiry of the lease contract.

The Royal Turf Club of Thailand board members will meet this Saturday to decide whether to “come to an end or build a new one” outside Bangkok, Royal Turf Club of Thailand secretary-general Gen Vichaya Devahasdin Na Ayudhya said.

Another option is to continue the race at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club every week, he said.

That venue, located on the Henri Dunant Road, has so far alternated the Turf Club of Thailand run arena in entertaining the audience in a bi-weekly basis.

The Bangkok Post reported that Gen Watthanachai Chaimueanwong, who sits on the board, and other members want to continue the business though they need over one billion baht to build a new facility.

Gen Bunloet Kaeoprasit, Royal Turf Club of Thailand’s chief of operation, reportedly said he plans to resign from the club though he felt “sorry” for its end.



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