Apple Drop Support For iPhone 5, 5C and iPad 4 For iOS 11

Apple’s latest iOS 11 will not be available to owners of the iPhone 5, 5C or iPad 4, when it is released later in the year.

Anyone using one of the older devices will not receive software or security updates.

 Apple Drop Support For iPhone 5, 5C and iPad 4 For iOS 11

The iPhone 5S and newer devices will continue to receive updates but many older apps may not work.

Apple have decided to end support for devices using 32-bit processors, most of which were manufactured before 2013.

How to determine if your iPad is 64 bit and will receive updates:

Flip your iPad over so you can see the details on the back near the bottom. You may been a magnifying glass or take a photo on your phone and zoom in if you have to.

There is a number that starts with A. For instance A1599.

Now go to and press CTRL + F on a PC or CMD + F on a Mac on your keyboard and paste or type the number in.

This will locate your model on the page and provide you with the details of your device.

If the date of manufacture is 2014 then your device should be safe.

Also if the device is fitted with a lightning port then it is almost certainly 64 bit.

Wikipedia also have an array of excellent articles covering the hardware of Apple products.

Source : BBC

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