It seems that every major company is trying to break into the market of developing a self-driving car.

It was announced on Friday that computer and mobile phone giant Apple are joining in the race. Apple however, have been known to be interested in driverless car technology for some time, so it comes as no real surprise that they are now in the race to develop a vehicle.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles awarded a permit for Apple to test its self-driving technology on public roads in the state.


The company will be allowed to test three vehicles all of which are Lexus hybrids.

At present, the law in California requires an experienced driver/operator to be in the cars, so they can take control in the event of an emergency.

Is this really the way forward for our roads? Will the technology actually assist in easing traffic congestion and save lives?

And more importantly, will drivers be willing to relinquish control of their cars?


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