Well experts predicted it would happen at it would appear that they were correct after Bitcoin rose to a new all-time high yesterday trading at over $10,000 on some smaller exchanges.

However on the major platforms such as BitStamp the popular cryptocurrency finished the day’s trading just short of the $10,000 mark.

Bitcoins value has increased by over 900 percent in this year alone and increased the demand for all types of crypto-currencies across the globe.

Bitcoin rises above the $10,000 mark on some exchanges

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Bitcoin traded at £10,234 on CEX.IO yesterday but the highest it reached on BitStamp was 49,968.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity with Mike Novogratz, former macro hedge fund manager for the Fortress Investment Group predicting at an Investment Summit earlier in November that mainstream institutional investors were at most 8 months away from adopting Bitcoin.

What do you think have you invested in any cryptocurrencies? We would love to hear your experiences.

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