The strength of Bitcoin never ceases to amaze us and its momentous increase in value showed no sign of stopping yesterday.

After the popular cryptocurrency rocketed to a new all-time high just short of the $10,000 mark after increasing in value by nearly 20 percent over a three day period.

In what is an unprecedented rise Bitcoin has increased in value tenfold since the start of 2017 and almost doubled in value since the start of October.

Bitcoin almost smashes $10,000 mark, only a matter of time till it does

After a 4.5 percent increase yesterday the cryptocurrency was trading at $9,721 before eventually subsiding back to end the day’s trading at $9,600.

It is estimated that there are now a total of 13.3 million Coinbase users globally.

It has been predicted that Alistair Milne, a manager at Altana Digital Currency Fund that Bitcoin will soon surpass the $10,000 mark saying “Breaking $10,000 seems inevitable following recent price action.”

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency going from strength to strength however, their biggest rival Ethereum is boasting gains of 6000 percent so far this year hitting a new all-time high on Monday when trading at $500, with a market cap of almost $50 billion.

Source : Thaivisa

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