Chinese Computer Giant Expand Services In Thailand

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers is branching out into the professional IT management services due to global reductions in computer sales.

Chinese owned Lenovo expect to more than double their IT after-sales income in Asia-Pacific next year, according to Ivan Cheung, executive director and regional general manager for Central Asia Pacific at Lenovo.

Plans are afoot to offer services to companies, who are looking at outsourcing computing support and desktop management services.

Thailand is next on the companies radar, having recently introduced the service to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Mr. Cheung suggests that consumers are slower to replace computers at present, often replacing machines every five to ten years.

“Thailand is our third largest personal computer market?in central Asia-Pacific, behind Indonesia and South Korea,” said Mr Cheung.

Other plans are to modernise 800 computer shops in Asia-Pacific to accommodate the demand for gaming computers and accessories. Again Thailand is high on Lenovo’s agenda due to it having a large gaming market.

The company claim to have sold 60,000 PCs in Thailand and Taiwan.

Source : Bangkokpost

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