Computers Identify Fake Profiles

Computers may soon be able to spot social media fake profiles using algorithms, which can detect those who lie about their age and gender.

The new software is said to have a 90% accuracy rate during tests.

Computers Identify Fake Profiles

The technology is currently being tested on dating sites, where fake profiles are very common, resulting in people being subjected to fraudsters.

Researchers carried out tests on 5000 verified profiles on the adult website known as Pornhub. The software monitored and learned how men and women interacted with each other, including post comments and writing styles.

Once armed with the information gained, it then searched the site hunting out those that had lied about age and gender.

The results showed that 40% lied about their age and 25% told fibs concerning their gender.

The software could in theory, be used by companies like Facebook in the future.

Source : BBC

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