Electric Motorbikes Could Be Produced In Thailand By 2019

Honda hope to have an electric motorbike available for sale in Thailand by 2019 according to local distributor AP Honda.

The Japanese company already dominate the Thai market for motorcycles but now have plans to introduce an eco-friendly vehicle to the marketplace.

At present, a feasibility study is underway to determine costs and battery waste management.

The company hope to produce all related parts in Thailand, which is another wonderful boost to the Thai economy and job front.

Electric cars, hybrids, buses and trains are all the way of the future as the global trend to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases continues.

Electric Motorbikes Could Be Produced In Thailand By 2019

Honda already have the EV-Club on sale in Taiwan but at 120,000 baht, this is considered out of reach for most Thai people. With conventional Honda Waves costing around 45,000 baht, something has to be done to combat the difference in price, if the new EV is to have any hope of success in the Kingdom.

One method would be for the government to provide subsidies, so that production costs are reduced and thus the end price would fall too.

AP Honda produced over 607,000 machines during the first five months of 2017.The motorcycle is the most popular form of transport in Thailand, in particular those sporting a smaller engine and automatic gearboxes.

Source : Bangkokpost

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