Email Scam On Google Docs

Google document users email accounts were vulnerable to hacking by an email scam which delivered to a million people

A scam has now been dealt with by Google which targeted Google Doc users, this is an online service which allows the sharing and editing of documents.

The scam involved the user clicking on a link and following the instructions, this allowed the scammer to then potentially access the user’s email account.

It was stopped effectively in just under an hour, leaving no time for any information to be revealed.

During the process of the attack, the user was invited to click on a document that Google had shared with you, another page would then pop up asking you to allow Google to have access to your contacts and manage your email’s for you, by clicking ‘allow’ the hackers then had the potential opportunity to reach your information.

Reports from Google say that it affected less than 0.1% of people, and have said that no action is required by users.


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