A high tech massage robot named ‘Emma’ can detect the “Stiffness” of a patient and will rub you ‘better than trained professional’,

Emma – an acronym for Expert, Manipulative, Massage, Automation is the worlds first massage robot of its kind. Fitted with the latest 3D sensor technology ‘Emma’ is able to detect and measure a patient’s stiffness and relieve stress accordingly. Hmm, sounds very similar to most of the Thai masseuses doesnt it?

Her creators say that ‘Emma’ is able to deliver a better massage than a trained professional. Using the latest technology emma is fitted with a 3D Stereoscopic camera and a custom built 3D printed massage tip to deliver a “high quality” massage.

Using ‘Emma’ its hoped that an injured patient’s progress and recovery can be better monitored. The robot is fitted with diagnostic functions which measure the muscle groups and tendons and also the patients responses. The detailed reports can later be analyzed and better monitored over a period of time.

Albert Zhang, the Dr Frankenstein behind the creation of Emma said: “We have designed Emma as a clinically precise tool that can automatically carry out treatment for patients as prescribed by a physiotherapist or Chinese physician.

“This will be one of the first robots out in the market specifically for use by sports therapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians.

“Our aim is not to replace the therapists who are skilled in sports massage and acupoint therapy, but to improve productivity by enabling one therapist to treat multiple patients with the help of our robots.”

f ‘Emma’ wants to tackle the Thai market she’ll need to work on her aesthetics and be fitted with voice control so she can join in with the other girls chants of “Hello Sexy Man, You Want Massage?.”

Maybe her Singaporean creators can give her an upgrade….Click Here

Unless ‘Emma’ learns a few new tricks i cant see her replacing many of the Thai masseuses to be honest….

Article Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news


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