Facebook announces training and funding for UK based organisations to battle online hate speech and extremism.

The UK online Civil Courage Initiative has been set up; partners include Imams Online and the Jo Cox foundation.

This comes in the wake of Facebook being criticised for not being quick enough to react to terrorist propaganda.

Across Europe governments have been applying increasing pressure to technology companies to take further action to stop online platforms from being used to supply hate speech and extremist propaganda.

Security services in particular have singled out Facebook, Twitter and Google for relying too heavily on the general public to report unsuitable content rather than policing it themselves.

There have been other efforts in Europe to try and prevent the spread of online hate speech with Germany launching its own initiative in January 2016 and France in March 2017.

People in the UK are being urged to visit the UK OCCI Facebook page, to share stories and ideas on prevention of online propaganda.

Brendan Cox the founder of the Jo Cox Foundation has welcomed the move.

Source : BBC

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