Facebook has finally taken action over those annoying fake accounts by suspending some 30,000 French accounts on Thursday.

The move comes as the social media company steps up its plans to prevent the spreading of fake news, misinformation and spam.

Why have they targetted France in this inaugural move?

The French presidential election campaigns are a mere ten days away and the company see it as a good opportunity to clean its act up ahead of the elections.

With the company under extreme pressure and the possibility of new laws that will invoke fines in Europe, Facebook must act on such things as extremist propaganda and illicit content.

Other social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube will be under scrutiny during the French and Germany elections.

Facebook’s aggressive attitude towards fake news took on another dimension as the company took out full page adverts in a top selling German newspaper, alerting readers on how to spot fake news.

So the message is clear, violating Facebook’s terms of service and your account could simply vanish.


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