Is Five Minute Phone Charge Possible?

Imagine if you could charge your phone in five minutes. What a bonus that would be to those of us who suffer withdrawal symptoms and blind panic when our phone batteries are about to deplete.

Well it is possibly that by 2018, you may be in a position to charge your phone in “five minutes”.

FlashBattery first came to light in 2015, when an Israeli company known as StoreDot provide a demonstration of the phenomena at a tech show in Vegas.

The company now plans to put the batteries into production early next year.

But many have doubts about the company’s claims because they refused to name any manufacturers that had signed up to buy the batteries.

But a company spokesman for StoreDot insisted the technology was currently in a pilot production at two Asian manufacturers and would be ready for mass production by the first quarter of 2018.

They also claim they are working on a car battery that can be at full power with a five minute boost and provide up to 300 miles of travel but this venture is three years away from being reality.

Let us hope they are correct on both instance.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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