Gadget Turns iPhone Into A Polaroid Camera

Remember the Polaroid Camera that gave you instant pictures? You could take your snaps and they were printed directly from the camera as you waited.

Well now, with the aid of a $150 case, you can now achieve the same results on your iPhone.

The idea is not new but printing of photos these days has gone out of fashion, mainly due to the development and success of social media, which permits us to display our photos online in seconds, via a number of apps.

But what if you wish to give your grandmother a picture and she has no access to smartphones or the internet. This gadget allows you provide memories there and then.

Known as the Prynt Pocket, it is a small device, that simply connects to your phone, turning it into an instant camera. Point, click and print and you even have the luxury of the digital version being saved to your phone.

It connects to your iPhone using the lightning port and expands to fit all models. To use it, you need to download the Prynt app.

The device can hold ten sheets of paper, which is supplied in packs of 40.

For more information on the gadget, check out their website here

Source : Businessinsider

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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