Google Ban Hundreds Of Spying Apps on Google Play Store.

Apps that have ultrasonic tracking technology installed within them have been banned by Google.

Google said “apps that use the technology for spying on users to collect marketing data will no longer be available on Google Play Store.”

Security experts discovered the code in over 200 apps on Google Play Store, which has resulted in action being taken by the tech giant.

Many of the apps that featured the code belonged to some of the world’s top brand names such as McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme.

But what did the tracking apps collect data wise?

Firstly it is capable of listening to TV adverts using signals that the human ear could not detect. By doing so, your location and what are watching on TV is determined.

This information could be used to deliver adverts to the user via their mobile phones. Adverts could be be customised to target the user.

Google say that if a company wishes to make use of a smart phone’s microphone for collation of data, they must state it clearly so the user is aware.


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