Google Hit With Record Fine

Google hit with record 2.42bn euros fine by the European commission after ruling that the company had been abusing its power by putting its own shopping comparison service first in their list of search results.

They also gave Google 90 days to stop there anti-competitive comparison practices or face further fines.

Google says the may appeal the decision.

If the company doesn’t comply with the order they may be forced to pay 5% of its parent company Alphabet’s average daily earnings which in their most recent financial report would work out to be $14,000,000 per day.

Google Hit With Record Fine

It has been left up to Google to decide what changes they will make to their practice.

The ruling on the unfair practice is the result of a 7 year inquiry dating back to 2010.

The commission deemed that Search Company had denied other companies the chance to compete on their merits.

With more and more businesses using the internet as their main source of income should search engine companies be more closely monitored?

Source : BBC

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