Insta-Ban new filter blocks harsh comments

Instagram has launched a new type of filter on its software and this one won’t change your appearance.

It’s safe to say most people are aware of Instagram; it was the 8 th most popular app in 2016. Well now it might attract even more users with its latest perk.

Instagram now has a filter for the comments section of posts and live videos that monitors what other people are writing and removes offensive comments.

The new software uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human input to deem if a comment is appropriate or not.

The new feature is of course optional users can choose if they want their comments screened or not.

The new filter is a result of feedback received by the company.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said: Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from nenjoying Instagram.

The new program works differently to those previously seen being able to distinguish where a word is being used appropriately and where it is being misused, rather than just banning words all together.

Instagram also claims that it will help cut down on spam.

Would you like to see similar software brought in to other apps?

Source : The Sun

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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