iPhone 8 - The Build Up Begins

As always at this time of year, we see and hear rumours and expectations of the latest iPhone releases, which usually hit the stores around September each year.

And 2017 is no exception with the rumour mill being active due to the anticipated release of the iPhone 8. How much of it is true or make believe, we will let you decide.

The latest incarnation of the world’s most wanted phone will be announced officially on September 17th with sales commencing on 25th of September, it is claimed.

Suggestions it will ship with iOS 11 software are almost certainly correct as is the rumours that it will feature a new A11 processor.

Apple’s cameras have often been what lets the device down, in comparison with other mobile phones, so it is expected that it will feature a new camera, possibly even featuring a vertically aligned dual lens.

The finger print reader could be moved to the rear of the device and it may also feature a glass design on both back and front.

The home button looks set to change from a physical push to a digital affair.

No matter what innovations Apple bring with the iPhone 8, the diehards will be in the queues early doors hoping to get their hands on one.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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