The world’s most popular phone is once again the talking point amongst those who follow the technology rumour mill, so it comes as no surprise that the latest incarnation of the iPhone has already began to provide a variety of stories and speculation.

The new iPhones are often released in September each year and here we are in March 2017 and people are already getting excited about version 8.

Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus proved to be, as expected, excellent sellers amongst those of us who adore the company’s products but what will the iPhone 8 bring to the market?

Early reports suggest that the new model will provide the user with a much larger offering. Yes it is believed that the iPhone 8 will have a 5.8 inch screen, which compared to the current iPhone 7’s 5.5 inch offering, is substantially larger according to Nikkei Asian Review, The new design is rumoured to flatter, permitting the increase in the screen size. Additionally the screen will be a curved model, again saving more space.

There is likely to be further changes to the front of the device such as a “Function Area” at the bottom of the device, permitting easier access to popular features.

The phone may well utilise the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar and introduce 3D face scanning.

Speculation is also rampant with regards to the pricing structure, which suggests that the new iPhone 8 will be around $1000 or £820.

The iPhone 8 will encompass the 10th anniversary of the now famous phone so it goes without saying that Apple will have something up their sleeve to please their vast customer base.


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