Do you own an iPhone?

Apple have released an urgent update to combat a new ransomware scam that permits hackers to seize control of Apple’s Safari browser. They urge people to update to IOS 10.3 now.

The scam involves a pop up that states the user has been downloading porn or illegal music and demands £100 in iTunes credit. You are informed that the browser has been locked until you make the payment. Annoyingly, a message appears saying “cannot open page” effectively making the browser unusable.

It is amazing how many people do not update their iPhones when new updates are released.

Apple release updates for many reasons. One is to maintain security of your phone and with many people purchasing goods with Apple Pay or storing credit card or banking details on their phones, it is important that you keep your phone updated.

If you elect not to update, you are also missing out on many new features that are introduced with each release of IOS.

To update, simple go to Settings –> General –> Software Update.

One should always back up the phone beforehand if possible.


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