Latest leak shows big overhaul in Apple’s design of the iPhone 8

Have you noticed that when Samsung announce the release of a new phone, invariable there are leakages from the iPhone camp, depicting possible news of their latest offering and vice versa?

Well not to break with tradition, leaks of what what is being dubbed “the iPhone 8” have been found doing the rounds on the internet.

For the second time in as many weeks, images and news is breaking with claims of what will be offered in Apple’s new flagship phone.Latest leak shows big overhaul in Apple’s design of the iPhone 8

Could the Finger Print Reader be moving to the rear of the iPhone 8? If stories are to believed, then yes, this could become reality. It is believed to be due to technical issues with the latest iPhones new OLED display and the aforementioned reader.

Dual vertical cameras also appear on the leaked photos.

The iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday this year and it is certain that Apple will have something special up its sleeve for die hard fans of the iconic phone.

Reports of updated versions of the iPhone 7 have been circulating along with news of the iPhone 8, which may be called the iPhone X or iPhone Edition.

No matter what they call it, the latest offering from the phone and computer giant will be welcomed by millions across the globe.


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