Malware Targets MS Word In Undiscovered Bug

Microsoft products have again been targeted by hackers. This time it is MS Word that is at risk.

A new bug has been discovered in the ever popular word processor that permits hackers to install malware. Of course the victims are totally oblivious that their computers have been affected.

The offending software is delivered via a Word document, which carries a HTML application.

Once the user opens the attachment, a script is run, without their knowledge and the malware is successfully installed.

At present there is no patch available although Microsoft are working the problem and will no doubt release an update soon.

In the meantime, it is advisable not to open any files that are sent to you from unknown sources. You should also install a reliable antivirus package to aid in protecting your computer, along with maintaining Windows Updates.

For Office, you should enable Office Protected View. This permits users to view files in a read only format that reduces the risk of infection from viruses, worms and malware.


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