Microsoft Disable Anti-Virus Components But For Good Reason

Computer software giants Microsoft, have confessed to temporarily disabling one of Windows most important features – ant-virus, on Windows based Computers.

The move follows complaints regarding a competition issue that was raised with the European Commission from a security company.

Microsoft Disable Anti-Virus Components But For Good Reason

Anti-virus software producer, Kaspersky Lap, made the objection against the American company, alleging that Microsoft are abusing its position of strength by guiding users towards their own products.

However, Microsoft claim, their actions are in the best interests of their customers and only wish to ensure Windows 10 users are secure.

Windows 10 of course comes with Windows Defender as part of the operating system. MS state that they include Defender as a safeguard for Windows 10 users and to promise their customers are safe from malware and viruses.

But they insist that they believe their customers have the right to choose whether to purchase AV software from a variety of vendors and that Windows Defender works hand in hand with other AV packages, most of which are compatible with the latest release of Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft Disable Anti-Virus Components But For Good Reason

For those that are not compatible, Microsoft created a feature that permits users to update their computers before reinstalling a new anti-virus application.

In order for them to allow this to happen, they disable certain components from the partner’s software.

This is in agreement with the vendors of course.

The actions are temporary purely to allow the updates to occur.

Source : BBC

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