The long-awaited arrival of the latest incarnation of the Xbox has finally arrived. Known as “The Xbox One X”, the machine features the ability to run games in 4k ultra-HD.

It is scheduled for release on the 7th of November, 2017 and is expected to cost under £500 in the UK.

Microsoft Unveil Latests Addition To Xbox Family

It is being touted as the most powerful games machine ever produced and is also the smallest Xbox to date.

The consoles name lacks imagination and many described it as a “tongue twister” but what people are interested in is more what it can deliver to gamers.

The latest Xbox has 12 GB of RAM and six teraflops of graphics processing power. It will be able to play 4K ultra-HD Blu-ray movies and also supports VR gaming.

The machine is backward compatible with existing Xbox One games, which will please many gamers.

Some of the titles available in ultra-HD format include Forza 7 and a new version of Assassin’s Creed, State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves.

How many of you will purchase the XBox One X?

Source : BBC

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