New PayPal Scam Warning

Many of you will have no doubt received emails telling you that you have purchased an item using PayPal or there has been unusual activity on your account.

Should your receive such an email, check your account using your own links or contact PayPal direct for verification but NEVER use the links in the emails.

The con here is simple but effective. They send you an official looking email, with a link to login in and confirm your details. However, what is happening is your username and password are recorded and used to make purchases at your expense.

It is not only PayPal customers who have been targetted using this method of scamming people, so be vigilant folks.

Never click links that arrive in emails. Always use your own saved links.

Never give usernames, passwords or bank details to anyone, either via email or by phone, especially if they phone you.

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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