The Premier League Tackle Illegal Use Of Kodi Boxes

The Premier League have obtained a court order as they try to tackle the age old problem of piracy and illegal screening of its matches using KODI set top boxes.

With the court order in place, the Premier League now has the power to block streams. Previously they could only target individual streams, which would more often than not, be replaced with re-established links to their games with little loss of service to the pirates.

New powers will make it more difficult to stream Premier League matches from now on.

A spokesmen for the Premier League stated “For the first time this will enable the Premier League to disrupt and prevent the illegal streaming of our matches via IPTV, so-called Kodi, boxes,” he added.

The Premier League would advice that you enjoy your football in a legal manner by subscribing to SKY or BT Sports or make use of one of the many venues that show the games live.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) have had a long battle with piracy for many years but had suggested lately that pirated streams have reached epidemic levels, with KODI being one of the main offenders.

There have been recent arrests of people selling the set top boxes, which have pre-installed software and third party add-ons, enabling users to watch illegal content on their TVs, computers or other devices.

This is clearly a breach of copyright laws, which FACT and the Premier League and keen to tackle.

KODI boxes are rife in the UK but are used by many in Thailand too, but there is some confusion as to whether or not using a KODI box is in fact illegal.

Apparently accessing premium pay per view content without a subscription is not considered unlawful and could well be exempt from prosecution, according to Derby County Council trading standards.

Android boxes are used to stream Kodi.

However others claim that in doing so, the user is in fact committing a criminal offence if they receive subscription based content without paying. The same applies to the production and selling of equipment capable of receiving content such as Premier League football.

The safest way to avoid prosecution is to stay well clear of illegal broadcasts and KODI set top boxes.

Tell us what you think. Do you consider the use of KODI boxes or receiving Internet stream illegal?

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